Metis Consultancy is an independent consultancy based in Singapore that specialises in business consultancy and training.

We believe that being new and compact is our key competitive advantage as we can be nimble and flexible to cater to individual and specific needs of our clients. We aspire to help our clients make productive, meaningful and sustainable changes to the way they operate to ensure business success. We endeavour to bring meaningful development and capability building on an individual, project or partnership basis.

Our tagline “Growing Together” is especially meaningful as we know that in helping our clients grow and improve their business, we ourselves will learn and develop exponentially.

Our Approach

In working with our clients we continuously seek to add value and put their needs first, working in a focused and flexible way to meet those needs.

We will approach all our projects with

  1. Expediency
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Energy
  4. Enthusiasm


In all our projects we ensure accountability and success by

  1. developing clear and structured terms of reference for the work to be undertaken with a view of what success will look like at the start of each project;
  2. meeting and updating regularly relevant stakeholders throughout the project and ensuring progress towards agreed outcomes; and
  3. ensuring that results meet expectations at the end of the project.