The Story Behind Metis

METIS is the Greek Goddess of good counsel, practical and intellectual wisdom. She was the first love and wife of Zeus and one of his greatest counsellors.

She uses her intelligence to master skills that result in having something tangible to show for it. Metis is someone who likes to use her hands or her mind to make something that engages her attention on a soul level.


She brings many of her life experiences to her crafts. She is a woman who can quickly grasp what is going on in a situation, then acts wisely and skilfully to decide what actions should be taken.
Metis runs an organized, smoothly run household, because she creates harmony. She brings all her skills and knowledge to any work she does, and mixes them all in a very imaginative way which brings about almost inspired results. She can be a good doctor or diagnostician, will excel at business, politics and law, and steers a wise course, often cutting straight to the heart of the matter. She easily settles conflicts through discussion and mediation, and likes to work in groups so that everyone can find a satisfying outcome together.

Metis takes the long range view to see what the best outcome will be. She is a discerning, creative thinker who looks for patterns in her research, and she enjoys exploring for evidence.

Metis rules over the creative and artistic realm, giving others mysterious and divine inspiration which turns a technically skilled person into an artist, craftsman, actor, musician, or a master of their medium choice. Metis is a person well described by the old saying, “still waters run deep.”